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Ohiopiomingo, Kentucky
Ohiopiomingo, Kentucky

Ohiopiomingo was a proposed town in what is now Hardin county on the Ohio River at the mouth of the Salt River at about the location of modern West Point. (When it was advertised in the 1790s it was in Nelson county.) The town was advertised as having over a thousand house lots with both town lots and 500 acre farm tracts for each resident. There would be various public buildings and a college for the education of "the youth of the tenantry, and also for such children of the Indians as they may chuse to send thither for instruction." The name was "in compliment to Piomingo, one of the Indian chiefs, a man greatly beloved and respected, not only by the Indian tribes but also by the whites." (From An Historical, Geographical, Commercial, and Philosophical View of the American United States, and of the European Settlements in America and the West-Indies, 1799, by William Winterbotham.) The site is about 20 miles from Lystra, another proposed town that was never built. Ohiopiomingo was promoted by John Nicholson of Pennsylvania, who later died in debtors' prison.

Plan of Ohiopiomingo, Kentucky
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