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South Shore, Kentucky
South Shore, Kentucky

South Shore is a northern Greenup county town on the south shore of the Ohio River at Tygarts Creek downstream from Greenup. Part of the area was incorporated as Fullerton in 1919, named for a local family, after the arrival of the railroad and the ferry across the Ohio to Portsmouth. The Fullerton post office opened in 1893. At Tygarts Creek the Taylor Brickyard was established in 1895 and that area became known as Taylor. A McCall post office opened there in 1907, named for its postmaster, was renamed Taylor in 1930, and South Shore in 1940. South Shore was incorporated in 1957, taking in Taylor and part of Fullerton. The South Shore and Fullerton post offices became Fullerton-South Shore in 1957 and renamed South Shore in 1958. The population in 2010 was 1,122.

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