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Blaine, Kentucky
Blaine, Kentucky

Blaine is a Lawrence county city on Hood Creek at its mouth on Blaine Creek, about 18 miles southwest of Louisa. Settlement probably began in the late eighteenth century. The name of the creek and town came from Ephraim Blaine, an early settler. The town was also known as Mouth of Hood and Blainetown.

Blaine was incorporated in 1886.

The Blain post office opened in 1828, closed in 1829, and reopened as Blaine in 1837.

The population in 2020 was 69. The population in 2000 was 245.

Southwest of Blaine is the Martha oil field. Oil was discovered there about 1919 and production extended into the 1980s, when most wells were closed. There was extensive contamination in the area from naturally occurring radioactive materials brought to surface through extraction using pressurized water.

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