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Cerulean, Kentucky
Cerulean, Kentucky

Cerulean is a Trigg county community about 10 miles northeast of Cadiz on the Muddy Fork of the Little River. It was named for the bluish water from the local mineral springs. Settlement began circa 1790 and the first resort opened in 1817. The resort business declined during the early twentieth century and the resort hotel burned in 1925. There was a rock quarry operating from 1895 until 1953 when it flooded. Much of the town burned in 1971.

Cerulean Springs was incorporated in 1822. The name may have been later changed to Cerulean. It was later dissolved.

The Cerulean Springs post office opened in 1824 and closed in 1843. It reopened in 1870 and was renamed Cerulean in 1894.

The population of the Cerulean census designated place, which covers 2.5 square miles, was 314 in 2010.

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