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Bowlingtown, Kentucky
Bowlingtown, Kentucky

Bowlingtown was a Perry county town on the Middle Fork of Kentucky River near Eversole Branch and Bowling Branch about 15 miles northwest of Hazard. Early settlers included members of the Bolling or Boling and Bowling families. The Bowling post office opened near Eversole Branch in 1903, was renamed Lillian in 1907, and Bowlingtown in 1918. In 1930 it moved to below Bowling Branch and finally closed in 1959. The town was sometimes marked on maps as Bowlington or Bowling Town.

Map of Bowlingtown (1937)
From the Kentucky Department of Highways map of Perry County, 1937.

Bowlingtown is now covered by Buckhorn Lake and Buckhorn Lake State Resort Park. The residents were relocated by about 1960 and the 1964 park lodge occupies the site of the old Bowlingtown School.

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