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Woodbury, Kentucky
Woodbury, Kentucky

Woodbury is a Butler county city about three miles southeast of Morgantown at the confluence of the Green and Barren Rivers. The source of the name isn't certain. A town was established early in the nineteenth century at a ferry crossing the Barren River. The population reached about 500 by the late nineteenth century.

Woodbury was incorporated in 1854, dissolved circa 1980, and reincorporated in 1986.

The Lock No. 4 post office opened in 1847, was later renamed Woodberry, and finally Woodbury.

The population in 2020 was 72.

Green River Lock and Dam 4, completed circa 1840, was of timber crib construction, the last of the series of locks and dams built before the Civil War. It failed in 1965. The downstream Lock and Dam 3 was at Rochester. The upstream Lock and Dam 5 was at Glenmore.

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