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Bourbon Furnace, Kentucky
Bourbon Furnace, Kentucky

Bourbon Furnace was a Bath county community just south of Owingsville on Slate Creek. The first post office in what is now Bath county opened in the area as Slate Creek Iron Works in 1805 when it was still part of Montgomery county. The post office closed in 1811.

Bourbon iron furnace
The Slate Creek Furnace, also known as the Old Slate Furnace or Bourbon Furnace, was constructed about 1791 by Jacob Myers and operated until about 1838. (In 1791 the site was within Bourbon county, Virginia.) It burned locally-made charcoal and had a water-powered bellows. It produced about a ton of iron a day. In the first half of the nineteenth century Kentucky was one of the major iron producing states. (Photo April, 2020)

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