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Millersburg, Kentucky
Millersburg, Kentucky

Millersburg is a northern Bourbon county town located where US 68 crosses Hinkston Creek. It was named for John Miller, who founded the town on his farm in 1798. The post office opened in 1804 as Millersburgh, changing to Millersburg in 1893. The population in 2010 was 792.

The Millersburg Male and Female Collegiate Institute was established in 1856. In 1860 it became the Millersburg Female College, for women, and Kentucky Wesleyan College, for men. Kentucky Wesleyan moved to Winchester in 1890. The Millersburg Female College became Millersburg College in 1915 and was purchased by the Millersburg Military Institute in 1931.

The Millersburg Military Institute was established in 1893 and used the former campus of Kentucky Wesleyan. MMI closed in 2006. The campus was purchased by U.S. Army Cadet Corps, another private military school, in 2008 and used as its headquarters and as the Forest Hill Military Academy starting in 2012. It closed in 2014. The campus was purchased by the non-profit Community Ventures in 2016.

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