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Olmstead, Kentucky
Olmstead, Kentucky

Olmstead is a Logan county community about ten miles southwest of Russellville. A settlement was established in the vicinity in the early nineteenth century by Martin Hogan and known as Hogan's Station. The name Volney was in use by about 1816, named for Volney Walker. An early school, the Volney Institute, operated in the area at about the same time. The railroad arrived in 1860 and the center of activity moved about two miles south to the crossing and the new Volney Station. It was later renamed Olmstead, for a railroad employee. The original settlement became known as Old Volney.

The Volney post office opened in 1850, moved to the tracks in 1860 and was renamed Volney Station, and was renamed Olmstead in 1862. It closed in 2011.

Nearby is the Cedar Grove Rosenwald School, built in 1928 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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