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Zeketown, Kentucky
Zeketown, Kentucky

Coe Ridge or Zeketown or Coetown was a Cumberland county community about ten miles southhwest of Burkesville on a ridge above the Cumberland River. It was established in 1866 by Ezekiel and Patsy Ann Coe. Patsy was formerly enslaved nearby, but Ezekiel, although formerly enslaved, may have been living free on the ridge for some years. Ezekiel purchased land on the ridge from former slave holder John Coe. Reports vary from 300 to 1,500 acres were included. Ezekiel, Patsy, and their numerous children lived in the community and were joined by other formerly enslaved people and others over the years. The community certainly reached over 100 people, supporting themselves mainly with agriculture and logging. They were subject to sporadic racially-motivated harassment and violence over the years, but apparently defended themselves vigorously and had many peaceful times as well. Zeketown never had a post office, but included a church and school at one time. (The nearest post office was off the ridge at Coe in Monroe county.) Changing economic conditions led to the community being abandoned in the 1950s. All that remains is a cemetery.

West of Zeketown is the Turkey Neck Bend Ferry, which crosses the Cumberland River and connects segments of KY 214. The ferry is owned and operated by the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

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