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Cane Ridge, Kentucky
Cane Ridge, Kentucky

The Cane Ridge is in Bourbon county about eight miles east of Paris between Hinkston Creek and Stoner Creek. A Cane Ridge post office operated in the neighborhood from 1876 until 1905.

The Cane Ridge Meetinghouse was built there in 1791 by Presbyterians and was the site of a revival meeting in August 1801. The meeting was the climax of the revival sweeping the frontier and thousands, perhaps as many as 20,000, attended (the population of Lexington at the time was about 2,000). In the aftermath there was a growth in church membership and disagreements on doctrine led to the founding of the Disciples of Christ, Christian Church, and Church of Christ. Some of the leaders and participants in the revival later joined the Shakers and founded Pleasant Hill in Mercer county. The original log Cane Ridge Meetinghouse is preserved on the site within a stone structure.

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