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Mentor, Kentucky
Mentor, Kentucky

Mentor is a Campbell county town on the Ohio River about eleven miles southeast of Alexandria. A station on the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad, Mentor includes the site of Beallmont, later known as Belmont, an old port where James Kennedy's ferry operated. The source of the name Mentor isn't known. Kennedy's fort was built in the 1780s.

Mentor was incorporated in 1957.

Various post offices operated at settlements in the area beginning with Kennedy's Ferry in 1813, which moved to Flagg Spring in 1817, and then to nearby California in 1863. Another Flagg Spring or Flaggspring post office operated from 1870 to 1907. The Mentor post office opened in 1882.

The population of Mentor in 2010 was 193.

Ulysses S. Grant, U.S. Army general during the Civil War and the eighteenth president of the United States, was born across the river in Point Pleasant, Ohio in 1822. Grant briefly attended the Maysville Academy down the river in Maysville.

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